Christ Community Church

Service Guidelines

We are asking that you help in following these CCC guidelines:

1. Anyone who is running a fever or is sick please do not attend in person.

2. Members 65 and over, and those with underlying health issues that make them “at-risk” are welcome but should only attend after prayerful consideration.

3. Greeters (with mask and gloves) will open and close the front door for you. A CCC member will help your family find a seat.

4. Social distancing requirements will be in effect. No hand-shakes or physical contact please. Verbal greetings only.

5. Face-coverings will need to be worn when entering and exiting the building, or moving about the building. Once you are seated you may remove them but it’s not required. If you feel the need to cough, please replace your mask.

6. Sanitize hands before entering the building. If using the bathrooms, wash your hands before and after.

7. There will be no childcare or children’s programs until further notice. All children in attendance will need to remain with their parents. We will provide an activity for your child to work on in their seat during service. Parents with small children are welcome to attend but are encouraged to sit near the back of the sanctuary for easy exit if your child becomes disruptive during the service. We will have an extra room as an option for you to take your child to and live services will be streamed in that room for your convenience.

8. All attendees are requested to sit with their household members or same-car occupants and will be separated by 6 feet from other families or individuals. If we reach sanctuary capacity, attendees will be directed to an overflow room.

9. Lastly, when the service is over, you will be instructed on how to safely exit the building. Those who stay behind should fellowship with each other from the appropriate distancing guidelines outside the sanctuary.